Real Time Location Systems - Software plus hardware solutions to track and identify the location of assets, vehicles or people in real time, utilizing GPS, GPRS, RFID (both passive and active), Cell tower location, WiFi and other technologies. Location information is displayed on maps, included in reports and integrated into enterprise IT system. Additionally, these solutions enable dispatch and geo-fencing tasks to be accomplished.

Fleet management and logistics - Route optimization, real-time tracking, dispatch, two-way communications solutions, which significantly improve fleet efficiency, reduce number of miles driven, gas and drivers overtime costs, increases customer satisfaction by better handling time windows and actual road conditions. Integrate into a complete supply management chain, and can also include in-vehicle navigation component tailored for specific business requirements.

In-vehicle or handheld navigation - Automotive, RV, Truck or other heavy equipment, Marine, On/Off road. We can produce applications where a standard PND or cell phone navigation systems do not have the features or quality required, such as integration of business specific workflows. We use 2D and 3D User Interfaces and layers of data like street level, orthographic, topographic and operational data overlay. These systems can warp images to real 3D scene using high resolution elevation and depth databases. Touch screen controls, remote control, wireless data interface, video, as well as voice activated command are integrated.

Mobile workforce management - Software to help manage mobile personnel, workflows, real-time progress tracking, work order management, including external suppliers, contractors or 3rd parties. Dynamic optimization to create the most cost effective work allocations. Including wireless mobile access for remote users to receive, progress and complete their assigned work tasks using a mobile computing device. Including Alert notification when schedules are not being met. Support for laptops, PDAs, smartphones and specialized ruggedized devices are all available. Specializing in unique workflow scenarios in customized environments encompassing numerous dynamic data inputs or environmental components.

Data analysis and visualization - Producing interactive data visualization for organizations. Advanced visual programming capabilities for 3D data visualization, animation and manipulation allowing presentation of huge quantities of data in two or three-dimensional graphical environment. Designing interactive, drill-down dashboards for quick transition between the 20,000 foot and ground level views.

Decision Support Systems - Enabling rapid analysis of large volumes of unstructured data, create reports and communicate findings.  DSS Systems to gather all useful information from raw data, communications, documents, personal knowledge, past consequence and/or business models to identify and solve problems and help decision makers compile, organize and utilize this untapped information. Deriving data from multiple sources: sales, support, marketing, production, field response and more in order to produce the correct conclusion, which also includes information validation.

Embedded Systems - Solutions running on many types of devices that utilize embedded operating systems, from custom hardware to off-the-shelf CE based devices, tablets and mobile phones. Full integration with other sensors or controllers, device or vehicle hardware I/O, and accessories allow for a "glass cockpit" type solution.