Case Studies

Vehicle Routing Engine - An SDK that provides all the function calls required by an application to display, find, route, track a vehicle using commercial street data.

Maptech Maestro vehicle navigation - Touchscreen 3D GPS street navigation on any combination of streets, topographic or, orthographic maps, wireless internet, video, weather. Designed for specialty large vehicle markets.

Commercial GIS Software Product - Location and territory mapping for sales and marketing professionals. Integrating a large comprehensive Dunn and Bradstreet database with advanced searches, drill down point info, directions and routing capabilities.

Smart Phone conference Assistant - Dynamically updated conference related information delivered to all participants via GSM/GPRS network including conference program information delivery plus concurrent pier to pier multilevel communication.

Data Compression - Incorporating a number of sophisticated methods of statistical data analysis, complex compression algorithms and efficient code, achieving compression ratios of up to 20:1.

Internet Mapping and Routing - Internet server product used to find addresses, render maps and deliver turn by turn directions online.